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The safety of our travelers, the smarTours team, and our partners is a top priority. With the help of our local teams around the world, we closely monitor all of our travel destinations. Please see below for updates on any events that may impact our itineraries and tours.


Affected Tours: Spirit of Iceland with Northern Lights, Women Only: Spirit of Iceland with Northern Lights

Our tours continue to operate safely in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is temporarily closed after the recent volcanic eruptions on the Reykjanes Peninsula. smarTours will book an alternative thermal spa if the Blue Lagoon is closed over your travel dates. Iceland is well-acquainted with volcanic activity and the Icelandic authorities and the public are prepared for such events with sophisticated protocols. Conditions in the rest of Iceland are safe, and tourist activities are continuing as normal.

Updated February 16, 2024


Affected Tours: Wonders of Israel, Wonders of Israel with Eilat

All departures through December 31, 2024, have been suspended. We are monitoring the destination for 2025 travel.

Updated January 16, 2024


Affected Tours: Kenya Wildlife Safari, Kenya Wildlife Safari with Tanzania & the Serengeti

Demonstrations about the proposed Finance Bill 2024 are taking place in Nairobi and several cities in Kenya. Our groups and staff are safe and accounted for. At this time, there are no planned changes to upcoming trips to Kenya and we will avoid any demonstration areas. With our local partners, we will continue to monitor the situation and ensure our travelers are safe and will provide updates as required.

Updated June 28, 2024