Traveling Solo with smarTours

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With smarTours, you may be traveling solo, but you’re never traveling alone! We welcome solo travelers, knowing they share the same passion for travel that we do. Don’t let family members who are homebodies or friends who just can’t commit dampen your travel dreams. Join smarTours and take bucket-list trips with like-minded people.

smarTours takes the guesswork, legwork and stress out of solo travel. Go with us, and you won’t have to worry about getting lost, not being able to communicate in the local language, being surprised by your accommodations (and not in a good way!) or missing out on unforgettable sights or experiences that aren’t easily available to the individual traveler. We also understand that solo travel packages can seem unfairly expensive. That’s why our single room supplement fees* are as low as possible, and sometimes we offer trips and departure dates without a single supplement!

In addition to being carefully curated and planned, our tours accommodate solo travelers all the time, so you almost always won’t be the only person traveling on your own. You can also count on:

Find a Roommate

If finding a roommate makes your tour more fun or helps defray costs, we recommend visiting our Facebook page to connect with like-minded travelers by direct message. Please be sure to avoid sharing your personal contact information on public pages online. smarTours is not responsible for matching roommates. If your potential roommate cancels or you don’t find a roommate before the tour closes, you will be responsible for the single room supplement.

A welcome orientation and/or meal. Right off the bat, you’ll meet your Tour Director and get acquainted with your group. Rest assured, sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience (like seeing the northern lights or riding a camel through the desert) is a surefire way to make a new pal! By the farewell dinner, many of our travelers are eagerly planning their next smarTours trip together.

Availability of optional excursions/dinner outings. We balance free time for independent exploration with optional excursions—just in case going it alone isn’t your thing.

And, best of all, making new friends and future travel companions!

The caring attention of your English-fluent Tour Director. When you’re traveling in a far-off place, it’s comforting to know someone has your back. Your Tour Director is a reassuring presence, as well as an invaluable resource for tips on the best places to dine, shop or explore on your own. Of course, we find that our solo travelers quickly connect with other members of the group during unscheduled time.

Comfortable, safe, centrally located hotels with on-site dining: Our hotels are carefully vetted to ensure you enjoy a relaxing stay with access to dining if you don’t want to go out.

*Grrr, why is there a single supplement? It’s not our intention to burden our solo travelers. However, to price our once-in-a-lifetime trips so more people can enjoy them (plus ensure accommodations are up to snuff), we must work with hotels. With very few exceptions, hotels price rooms to tour companies based on double occupancy. We simply have to charge a single supplement, or we would have to raise the prices of our trips across the board. Rest assured, we keep our single supplement as low as possible. Take a look at other tour companies, and we think you’ll agree.