smarTours for Seniors

Find Your Perfect Tour

At smarTours, our mission is to offer once-in-a-lifetime trips, no matter what stage of life you’re in! Whether you’re newly retired and eager to see the world, a seasoned traveler who’s ready to leave the planning to someone else, or a solo traveler who would like to travel with kindred spirits, smarTours eliminates the guesswork, legwork and stress of traveling.

Our carefully curated tours ensure that you will see the sights you’ve wanted to experience all of your life. However, we factor in a level of flexibility to allow you to go at your own pace. What’s more, we have rated each of our trips according to its activity level. If you have concerns about a tour’s activity level, we’d be happy to go over the details of the trip you have in mind. And while we do not offer senior travel packages per se, all of our tours are suitable for seniors who see themselves as citizens of the world. We have many senior travelers that happily and confidently travel with us!

With smarTours, you can depend on:

The caring attention of your English-fluent Tour Director, who will help accommodate any of your dietary and mobility concerns, as well as direct you to restaurants and options for leisure time.

Flexibility on optional excursions. Our tours feature an activity level appropriate for travelers of all ages. However, we usually can offer alternative options for those with mobility challenges, and, if you’re feeling adventurous or are more athletic, some of our optional activities really take it up a notch! Shark diving, anyone?

And, best of all, the security and sociability of traveling with companions. Why travel alone when you can enjoy the sense of security that comes with traveling with newfound friends?

Ample free time for rejuvenating. Seeing awesome sights can take a lot out of you! We make sure that busy days are balanced with partial free days. You can certainly explore on your own or take an optional excursion (see below), but sometimes sitting at an outdoor café and watching the local scene is a welcome break and just as memorable.

Hotels with the services and amenities you rely on. Our hotels are vetted for comfort, security and accessibility. Many feature lounges and swimming pools and are within close walking distance of attractions. Some offer shuttle service.

We encourage all of our travelers to be prepared by checking with their physician before traveling and packing prescriptions and other necessities in carry-on bags. Of course, don’t forget comfortable shoes, sunhats and your preferred over-the-counter remedies.