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Traveling solo?

We want to help make your smarTours trip the best experience it can be! If finding a roommate makes your tour more fun or helps defray costs, we want to help.

We have a more general group for all travelers coming soon, but in the meantime, women can join our Women-Only Facebook group and create a post. Just share where you’re thinking about going or when you want to travel and ask anyone who is interested to send you a direct message (DM) on Facebook.

For example, “I’m interested in traveling to this destination on these dates and looking for a roommate. Please DM me here on Facebook if you are interested in connecting.” Please be careful NOT to post any of your contact details like phone or email in your message on our page. Since our page is public, others could see your contact details so be sure to only share contact information in direct messages to those who respond to you.

Please note that smarTours is not responsible for matching roommates. If your potential roommate cancels or you don’t find a roommate before the tour closes, you will be responsible for the single-room supplement. However, we value our solo travelers and try our best to make sure the single supplement fee is affordable.