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To enhance our Smart Pricing, we also offer our travelers smart ways to save even more. One way to save is to travel with your friends and family. Wait a minute—that sounds like fun, too! And it is. If you recruit seven or more additional travelers to join you on one of our tours*, you’ll enjoy extra savings on your tour pricing.

  • $500 off for a group of 7-9 + you
  • $1,000 off for a group of 10-12 + you
  • $1,500 off for a group of 13-15 + you
  • For a group of 20+, please call 1-800-337-7773 x4 to see if your group qualifies for a private group departure and the extra perks that come with it

How Does It Work?

One week after making your reservation, you will receive an email with your tour details and a form to complete with emails of your potential small group members. They will then receive an email with tour details and an invitation to travel with you.

If you have any questions or would like further assistance in gathering your friends and family, please email groups@smarTours.com or call 1-800-337-7773 x4. We will be delighted to assist you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do my friends and family complete their bookings?

Reservations may be initiated by calling 1-800-337-7773 x4 or submitting the “Book Now” forms on our website. When making the reservation, the traveler must indicate the tour name and departure date he or she is joining. All invoices, correspondence related to payment, and final travel documents will be sent directly to the traveler, not to the group leader.

Can I reserve space for others in my group?

Unless someone will be on your invoice and you are making payments for them, your friends and family members must make their own reservation. If you make a reservation for someone else and they do not end up joining the tour, you will not receive credit for their reservation. You will only receive credit for travelers who pay in full for their tours.

Are rates and early booking discounts guaranteed to my friends/family who sign up for my tour?

Tour rates are subject to the price of and availability of the tour at the time of making the reservation. Tour rates are always subject to increase at any time at the discretion of smarTours®. However, if your friends book on the same day that you complete your reservation, they will receive the same rate.

Keep in mind that smarTours offers a price protection policy to all customers. If you reserve a spot on a tour and we later lower the price, we will make up the difference. We do not penalize you for booking early, so you can reserve your tour with confidence that the price will not get any better (lower) for that particular date. Also, to be clear, if you reserve a spot on a tour and we later increase the price, we will not raise your price.

I was a group leader, but my friend also helped recruit other members in our group. Who gets the discount?

We can divide the discount between two leaders. If there are more than two leaders, you can divide payments further on your own.

I want to spread the savings out among my group members. Can I do this?

It’s your discount to use as you see fit. However, here at smarTours, we will only take responsibility for dividing the discount between two people. After that, you can simply distribute the savings independently.

My referral didn’t join my departure date but signed up for another tour. Does this still count in my total for my small group?

Well, fiddlesticks. No, that person won’t be counted in your group, but we do strongly encourage you to apply to be in our smarTraveler program. You can count anyone you refer to earn smarTraveler status!

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How do I get paid?

As the group leader, you will still need to pay in full for your tour to meet the final payment due date. Your friends and family need to pay in full for their tours as well. Once everyone in your group has paid in full, please email the list of names for the travelers in your group to the reservations agent you’ve been working with to book your tour, or groups@smartours.com. Group leaders must email the list of travelers in the group to receive the discount. A check will be mailed to you 6–8 weeks after you notify smarTours that all payments have been submitted.

What if members of my group cancel?

You will only receive credit for travelers who pay in full for their tour. If a group member cancels his or her tour before paying in full, that person will not be counted in the group number. All small groups will be subject to the cancellation penalties as outlined in smarTours Terms and Conditions.

Read more about our T&Cs >

I organized a small group with smarTours many years ago. Do I still get credit?

Small group discounts are only valid for tours that departed in August 2016 and after. Please email groups@smarTours.com if you were the group leader for a small group in August 2016 or after and did not receive information about the incentive. This email must be initiated by the group leader.

I have questions about organizing a small group. Who do I speak with?

Call us at 1-800-337-7773 x4. Two tips: check availability before telling your friends about the trip and be sure to give us a head’s up if you are planning on organizing a small group.

*Small group discounts are only valid on regularly scheduled departures published on our website. Not valid on customized or private groups.