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Step into a world where tradition meets grandeur at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. As you pass through its towering gates, you're greeted by an awe-inspiring sight: majestic domes that reach for the sky, reflecting pools that mirror the beauty above, and intricate carvings that tell stories of ancient civilizations.⁠
This architectural wonder is more than just a mosque; it's a symbol of cultural harmony, blending styles from various Muslim civilizations. Each corner of this sacred space whispers tales of unity and peace, inviting you to pause, reflect, and admire the serene beauty that surrounds you.⁠
📸 #smarTraveler Norma⁠
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📸 Erin in Galapagos
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📍Best of Italy: Embark on a journey through Italy's iconic cities of Venice, Florence, and Rome, blending must-see sightseeing with enriching local experiences. Led by an expert guide, indulge in Tuscan wine tastings, savor regional specialties, and immerse yourself in the rich history of ancient Rome for an immersive Italian adventure. Enrich your experience with an extension on the gorgeous Amalfi coast. 🌴⁠
📍Flavors of Sicily- Our newest Italian Adventure that keeps selling out! Embark on an unforgettable culinary and cultural journey through Sicily, exploring UNESCO sites like Agrigento's Valley of the Temples and the Baroque towns of Ragusa and Noto. With a seasoned guide, discover Sicilian culture through its diverse cuisine, from panelle to pistachios, for an authentic and memorable exploration. Check another country off your bucket list by adding an extension in Malta 🇲🇹⁠
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