Erin Broderick


Vice President, Marketing


Erin was born on Long Island, NY and now lives just outside of Boston, where she has learned to embrace (or at least tolerate) the Boston Redsox, despite her origins. She completed a bachelor’s degree in Business and a master’s degree in New Media. Prior to smarTours, Erin spent time at Chewy, Tripadvisor, and Digitas, honing her skills in digital acquisition. 

Erin joined smarTours in August of 2021 as our Director of Digital Acquisition and has since taken on all things digital marketing, including paid search, social, email marketing, and promotions. She loves travel and was excited to come back to the industry after a brief hiatus driven by the pandemic. She’s really excited to build and grow the digital marketing program. 

Erin loves exploring different cultures, food and landscapes. She never leaves home without good sneakers, a good camera, and some Advil, just in case.  Her most epic journey was her honeymoon in Iceland, hiking through the unreal scenery, catching the northern lights and road tripping to glaciers, waterfalls, and hot springs. Next on her bucket list are visiting Alaska, Norway, and Denmark. And as an avid skier, skiing the slopes of Hokkaido, Japan is high on her to-do list. 

Favorite tour: Amazing Thailand & Phuket Island