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In addition to our regular tours, smarTours offers private tours for groups of 20 or more. Our private tours are perfect for any group that shares a common background, heritage or interest and wants to travel together: family, friends, alumni, religious groups, travel agent groups, ski clubs, travel clubs and more. Your smarTours Travel Consultant works with you from the planning stages to the end of your tour, giving you peace of mind that every detail is given our expert attention. You can take the credit for planning an unforgettable trip!

Attractive Pricing and Flexibility

We have great, long-standing partnerships with leading travel providers around the world, and we don’t pad our trips with unnecessary costs. We’re proud to offer excellent pricing to private groups, flexible payment schedules and a variety of payment methods to our private group travelers. Your group won’t believe everything they get for the price they pay.

Travel from Your Airport

With a private group, we’re happy to work with you on airfare from your local airport. Have travelers from all over the country joining you? We can arrange up to two different gateway cities for you, depending on the number of expected travelers from each airport.

Exclusive to You

Private groups are only available to those you invite. Create memories of a lifetime on an international trip with your family and friends, student/alumni association, retirement community, ski or athletic club and more!

Great Guides

Our experienced, English-speaking tour guides go the extra mile to make sure your trip of a lifetime goes smoothly. Their thoughtful, accommodating natures and local knowledge enhance every tour experience.

Pick Your Dates

From picking the departure date that works best for your group to customizing the length of the tour, you can create a tour that works for your group’s schedule. You can plan around holidays, school schedules, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Special Requests

We’re happy to accommodate special meal requests, travelers of all ages, rooming arrangements for those with children, and more for our private groups! Have a special request? Tell us about it!

Curated and Customized Itineraries

Customizing your tour is an added benefit of private group departures. Perhaps you want to add in a special experience or excursion during free time – or maybe include extra meals on the tour, such as a celebratory birthday dinner or a performance with live music and authentic cuisine. We can help you maximize your free time by building in extra experiences!

Benefits For Tour Organizers

Whether you’re the family patriarch/matriarch, club president or travel agent, we’ll work with you to provide generous benefits to group leaders and private group travelers alike. Reach out to us today to inquire.

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Note: Private groups are not eligible for promotions and special pricing.