Spendors of Egypt tour December 3 to 12

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    Harriet Davis

    Single, older but active female looking for female room mate for the Splendors of Egypt tour.

    Patricia Breneman

    Harriet, I just saw your post, but have not checked out the trip yet ($$ and how long, etc.). But let’s keep in touch as I , too, need a cabin mate/roommate when I travel.
    I’m single, 70, and straight. Like traveling, but would rather not go out of the USA alone right now. I’m Trish Breneman on Facebook if you’d like to look me up and/or check out my profile.
    I’m from Pennsylvania. Hopefully we could meet and greet before we settle on being roomies, right?
    I’ll go now and check out the price tag on “Spendors of Egypt” (I think they mean Splendors, don’t you?)

    Harriet Davis

    I am thrilled to find another “mature” person interested in travel and looking for a room mate. I have already paid my deposit for the Splendors of Egypt tour leaving December 10 and returning December 19th. When i made my reservation all earlier dates were sold out. I noticed that some earlier dates in November seem to be open.
    I too am in my 70’s, an African American, Straight, retired educator. I am in very good health. I grew up in Philadelphia, but moved to Stone Mountain GA 10 yrs ago to be near my daughter and grand kids. My husband died last August. We did a lot of traveling together and I have done quite of bit of travel on my own and with friends.
    I looked for you on Facebook and sent you a message. I am on Facebook as Harriet Davis. We might be able to support each other in our desire to travel with a room mate. let’s see what happens.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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