Female room-mate needed for the around the world tour

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    Yvonne Walton

    I am looking for a female room mate to do the
    Around the world tour in March(3/2-22). Please email me
    at professorwalton16@gmail.com Yvonne


    Greetings Yvonne:

    The very best in finding a roommate on your fabulous around the world tour.
    I looked at that option, however, I had been to three of those countries
    and decided on South Africa Highlights and Safari with an Extension to
    Victoria Falls. So I have a roommate for the regular tour, but not one
    for the Extension. Wish I could be of assistance, however, another time
    in the future, if you are interested in Turkey or India for 2020 let me know.

    Yes, I am African-American, a retired educator and love to travel. Been to
    Egypt five times, Thailand two times, London more times and other European
    countries too. I am always looking for a travel partner. Take care!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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