Africa in August 2019. Looking for a Male Roommate.

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    Alfred Taglang

    Hi, my name is Al and I am a very young 65 YO man. In great shape and health, who loves to travel the world.
    Wanting to check this part of the world off my bucket list.
    Hope you love to travel as well.

    Michael Marotta

    Hi Al, I’m Mike and I have been looking at the 14 day African trip if that is the one you are interested in also. I am a very healthy, fit (5’10”, 165lbs), 74 year old gentleman and would like to discuss the potential of joining forces. I especially like the idea of having a roommate because I have a hearing loss and always remove my hearing aid when going to bed so having someone with me to wake me up whenever there are early morning needs for doing so is very beneficial. Not sure how you will contact me. Thought of leaving an email address, but then everyone could see it. Hopefully there is a way to exchange it with you privately.

    Alfred Taglang

    Hi Mike,

    I am traveling till Monday.
    Would love to talk to you about the trip.
    Please call me Monday, if possible.
    Ph 954-270-9879 or
    Email @ bogeyboyal4@aol.com

    Thanks and look forward to chatting with you.

    Al Taglang

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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