Reply To: Female roomy for world tour Oct 7

Elizabeth Hermanson

My husband and I are scheduled to travel “Around the World” with Smartours in February. While we have traveled with Smartours several times before, this is a new trip for them and there are no reviews posted. I am really asking a favor. When you return from you trip in October, would you please email me and tell me of your experience.
While the trip does look amazing, flying through the night, exiting the plane in the morning, and immediately starting a tour in a new country may present some challenges. Especially when this will be repeated several times over the weeks to follow. We would like to hear about your overall experience.

I have called Smartours several times and they have told me there are no reviews. The company has completed two complete tours and I find it hard to believe that not one person has posted about their experience.

I will understand if I do not hear from you, but thank you in advance if you are willing to share your experience and suggestions about traveling these countries.