Reply To: share trip to south africa in september

marina gorenshteyn

sorry , did not respond on time. to be honest i also looking to similar trips in gate 1, they are cheaper, and company is fine. i took trip to morocco with them. now you could contact me at btoll@aol.com and after we could talk on the phone. i live in cleveland , ohio. i am interested in south africa trip in september with a lot of dates available in gate 1, also looking for roomate for cruise scottland and ireland last minute this july and another new year cruise from singapour to dubai which is leaving on december 18. for next year i am interested to go to india perhaps february. i am kind of flexible at work when to go, but i have husband in the nursing home after strock, so i did not had vacation for 2 years, so i could not take longish trips due to that.depends of your interest we could perhaps find something to go together. i also interested in brazilia, columbia, ecuador and central america as well as cruise to australia and new zealand.