Reply To: Need a female roommate for tour -Magical Ireland 07/04-07/16/2019

marina gorenshteyn

hello. I am interested in ireland but i found this trip with smartour very expensive when ireland is concerned. i am looking for roommate on the last minute celebrity cruise from dublin for june 14 which is a great value in my opinion when you could come couple days earlier and spent time on your own prior to cruise. in any way. i am also rn and from cleveland , ohio. i am 60 , very well traveled and on the look out for roomate to some destinations in the future if you are interested. i still work full time. i also found gate 1 tours sometimes are a better value then smartours. i did morocco with them and it was fine. also indus travel i want to use for india travel next winter. respond if you are interested. my future trips to consider: india, cuba, costa rica, ecuador with galapagos, columbia, brazil, malta,ireland, scotland, romania, dubai, australia/new zealand cruise, thailan’s islands, malasyia and africa. i pretty much visited the rest of the world. take care