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If you like to plan ahead like we do, you’re definitely smarTours material! Unlike tour operators who give the best deals to last-minute travelers, smarTours rewards the people who plan in advance with our early booking discount. What’s more, you can increase the early booking discount by paying with an eCheck instead of a credit card. Why procrastinate when you can anticipate taking the trip of a lifetime?

How does it work?

You have a limited booking window on all smarTours to earn an early booking discount of $300-$400 per person (depending on tour and sale date). You must reserve by the most current sale date to qualify. (See the specific tour for sale date cut off.) You can also receive an additional $100 discount per traveler by paying with an eCheck. Please note that space is limited on all of our tours, so please reserve early.

Is There a Downside to Booking Early?

Not at all. First, you only need a modest deposit to hold your trip, so waiting isn’t necessary. And if you’re worried that we’ll cut the price later, don’t be. smarTours offers a price protection policy to all customers. In the rare event that we do lower the price of a tour for a departure date that you’ve already booked, you will pay the lower price.* We do not penalize you for booking early, so you can reserve your tour with confidence that the price will not get any better (lower) for that particular date. Also, to be clear, if you reserve a spot on a tour and we later increase the price, we will not raise your price. That said, we strongly recommend that every traveler purchase travel protection insurance. Learn more about this essential travel companion

*Price protection is valid on published rates. Promotional codes and/or rates associated with special marketing campaigns are excluded from the smarTours Price Protection plan.