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Eli White


Head of/Director of Technology & Engineering | Data Privacy Officer

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Eli was born and grew up in West Virginia, and now calls Maryland home. He received a bachelor’s in Computer Science and while he initiated a master’s in Computer Science as well, he jumped ship after receiving an exciting job offer to start his career as a developer. Over the course of his career, Eli has had stints in government, startups, large corporations, and has started multiple businesses of his own, including running BFGcon (Big Frederick Gaming Convention), which had grown to over 2000 gaming participants before COVID shut things down. 

Eli joined smarTours as a contractor in Dec 2020, signed on full-time in April 2021 as Chief Technology Officer, and likes to say that smarTours “chose him.” He was a perfect fit for our needs and was enthusiastic about joining the amazingly supportive and passionate team to help us rebuild our tech infrastructure from the ground up. 

When Eli’s not doing intense and incredibly detailed deep dives on smarTours technology, you can probably find him enjoying a video, board, or card game, or playing D&D. In his travels, he’s fallen in love with the US National Parks – Devil’s Tower, Badlands, Canyonlands, and Arches are amongst his favorites. And on top of his international bucket list are New Zealand and Bermuda.

Favorite smarTours trip: Australia & New Zealand Adventure